Anyone have tips for narrowing a job search on LinkedIn to only show positions at startups?

Given the available filters on LinkedIn's job search function, I'm having trouble narrowing my search to only show jobs at startups.

My job seach is diversified: I check, BuiltIn, YC jobs, and of course, Elpha! (If I missed any good ones, please let me know 😄 ) But I don't want to overlook LinkedIn, as I have found a few positions posted there that I did not see on the other sites I mentioned.

Though it's been tedious to comb through LinkedIn's search results, I have considered it worth the effort so far. But I just keep thinking there has to be a better way. Especially since LinkedIn publishes lists like "Top Startups in 2021." Can anyone help?

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I'd bookmarked these sometime back: https://startup.jobshttps://powertofly.com if it helps!
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Thank you so much! I'll have to add those websites to my list!
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I don't know why, but I'm just seeing the notification for your comment now. Thank you! I have been looking on, and powertofly, but I hadn't come across the third one yet. Much appreciated!
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What types of jobs are you looking for? It may be less about looking specifically at startups on job boards and niche down.
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I’m looking for roles within the Employer Brand space! I have found quite a few EB roles at startups with my current search strategy, so my concern is more about making sure I’m leaving no (startup) stone unturned. It’s been hard for me to distinguish the type of company just from the search results and I don’t want any relevant opportunities to slip through the cracks.
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Replying to my own post with a potential solution I came up with in case someone finds this post via the search bar in the future. Unfortunately, I never found a way to search only for startups, but I did create a workaround for myself that I've been happy with so far.I ended up using these two lists of "rocket ship" startups to create a job alert on LinkedIn by company. Yes, this took an unreasonably long time (my alert includes ~446 companies I searched for and added to the alert "by hand!") but at least now I know that each company on the list is a startup. While the job alert feature is intended for email alerts, I am able to click on the saved alert from the LinkedIn website, and LinkedIn will bring me to the Jobs page and pre-fills the search using the alert's criteria. In a way, I've found this acts as a "saved search filter" function. (And yes, the daily emails are a super annoying side effect!)Of course, this will prevent me from seeing opportunities at startups that did not make these lists, however ~446 companies have provided more enough opportunity to get me started. Hope this helps!