Sex and Relationships - collaborate?

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Hi Hillary! I'd be happy to share what I've learned about being in relationships while having a mental health disorder. With more people speaking up about them, I think it's important that potential partners know what to expect!
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Thank you! I'd love to chat. Sorry I'm just seeing this now but I'll PM you!
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Hi Hillary! I know this is several months late (I just joined Elpha and started looking at the various communities here). I'm based in NYC and would love to chat/learn more about what you're doing. No professional background in this arena, but can speak from the perspective of someone who's been in several on and off relationships, analyzed those missteps and invested in self-work. After doing a lot of reading, self-reflection, chasing down and dealing with my demons and insecurities, I realize a lot of my relationship mistakes/bad habits from the past stem from issues like perfectionism that plague women more than men.