Interview: how to broach the subject of working remotely several months a year

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Hi! No, this doesn’t necessary imply that - but it’s could. Time difference in Europe can be challenging for SF based companies even if they are flexible otherwise. But they might still be cool with it!Do you know anyone who works at the company that you could ask about this so it’s not part of your interview process just in case it’s a no no?I would ask, if you don’t already know, if the company has other hubs and/or remote workers.
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Is this a multi-interview process? If so, I would hold off on asking that until the final stages. As a hiring manager, when candidates ask me about PTO and vacation before in-depth questions about the role, it alerts me that their priorities may not be aligned with my team's. It's important to prove to them that you're a perfect fit before anything else. You don't want to give them the impression that you're just looking for a job with flexibility because I'm sure that's not the case and you do care about the company, product, values, etc.
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I’m the ceo of a remote team. The phrase you highlighted has nothing to do with remote work. It’s saying they’ve got a flex vacation policy, which is a totally different benefit. If you want to know about their remote work culture then I think it’s totally fair to discuss that *upfront*. Just ask if anyone on the team works remotely.
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Agree with @eb above - it means you have the ability to take PTO when you want to. Did the job description include any language on remote work? If you got the offer and the answer was no, would your decision to take it or not hinge upon this answer? If not, I'd stick with maybe sussing out a reaction to asking if they have remote workers/other offices as @lisaconn suggested, and then bring it up after you get the job and have worked for a bit. People are way more hesitant to give you an answer before they even know what kind of worker you are and how dilligent you'll be when you are remote. Build up some rapport, figure out who you can ask on the DL, and then bring it up more formally if all lights are green