The Fear of Re-beginning Your Career: Career Coach Rachel Serwetz Shares Essentials Tips for All Women

While most peoples’ careers do not follow a straight line, it is common to worry about what it might mean to make a big career jump.  There may be a story your brain is creating, or a fear that is valid but could easily be resolved with some new information. Find comfort in simply exploring your career options and interests before you take any action steps towards pursuing any certain path. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt of learning and reflecting in order to decide your next steps, rather than jumping to conclusions at the outset. Utilize your hesitations as questions, and allow yourself to explore first, and strategize second. In this article published by Women Who Win, I take us through the steps to turn fear around a career change into confidence.

  1. Squash assumptions and remove limitations. Let information, rather than fear, drive your next steps. It is possible that your mindset has stalled or delayed your progress because of fear or worse yet, assumptions about your capabilities and/or your career options. Don’t let hesitations, imposter feelings that may be unfounded or unverified, or lack of information be the source of your decisions.Recognize that you can pursue a process of exploring so that with a solid amount of information you can make adequate decisions, rather than allowing yourself to decide that you can’t do something based on a limited mindset or limited information. Learn about your opportunities, interests, and career options as inputs to inform your next steps, rather than using fear as your source of decision making.
  2. Create momentum to get started…even when it feels like there’s a mountain ahead. If figuring out your next career direction feels like a huge mountain of a task, remember that any mountain that has been scaled starts with one step at a time. Reframe your view on your next chapter to break it down into what your next one or two steps could be, rather than only seeing it as one big mountain.
  3. Adopt the concept of getting started “anywhere” Take pen to paper and brain dump any and all thoughts or questions on your mind. That’s a great place to start!Once you have all your feelings on paper, you can start to organize what might be the best next step to take.
  4. Determine what support you need so that you can be strategic in your approach. Perhaps the first step is figuring out where you need support from, or researching to find a career path exploration process that will effectively guide you through this journey.Explore what format of support would be best for you. Perhaps you might want a group setting (coaching, coworking, or other), individualized support (coaching, therapy, mentorship, peer-peer), or digital career resources like blogs, books, and videos that you can find online.
  5. Protect a small amount of time each week to continue with career exploration pursuits.

Accountability is key! If you put in the time, and get the support you need to be strategic with that time, you will reach results.

6. Debunk the common limiting stereotypes that stop you before you even explore your path. Check out the table below for more details on this!

If you’re ready to reflect, learn, and clarify what path is best for you, then let’s talk!

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About the author: Rachel Serwetz’ early professional experience was at Goldman Sachs in Operations and at Bridgewater Associates in HR. From there, she was trained as a coach at NYU and became a certified coach through the International Coach Federation. After this, she worked in HR Research at Aon Hewitt and attained her Technology MBA at NYU Stern. Throughout her career, she has helped hundreds of professionals with career exploration and for the past 4.5+ years she has been building her company, WOKEN, which is an online career exploration platform to coach professionals through the process of clarifying their ideal job and career path. She is also an Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at Binghamton University and has served as a Career Coach through the Flatiron School, Columbia University, WeWork, and Project Activate.

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