Mink is looking for Beta Testers

We are looking for beta testers to try out early access to a product that my co-founders and I built. No sign-up is required to try it out and figure out if you’d like to be a beta tester.

Pitch about the product: Mink builds tools for a better freelancing. Becoming your own brand is tough. From proposals to contracts to invoicing and project planning — it’s a lot. So we made it easy with our all-in-one document. Get work, track work, and get paid all in the Mink Doc. Check it out. No sign-up required -

What's in it for you?: We’ll help you craft a winning proposal via Mink. Besides early access to the product, you’ll get cool swag, VIP credits, and first dibs to try out anything we roll out in the future.

We launched a week ago and already have freelancers (including agencies) using the product. Feel free to share with other freelancers/or independent workers that you know! Thank you very much.

Hi Laide!! Congrats on launching - will definitely try it out :)
Thanks so much @MichelleFuentes, I appreciate the support. Please check it out when you get a chance. Forgot to mention this earlier but for beta testers, here's what you'll get: We’ll help you craft a winning proposal via Mink. Besides early access to the product, you’ll get cool swag, VIP credits, and first dibs to try out anything we roll out in the future.
Perfect timing!
@sakshishukla, awesome! Let me know if I can be helpful to you as you make a decision here. You can try Mink without having to create an account and if you like it, feel free to create one :) Looking forward to onboarding you soon! Thanks again for your interest.
Thank you so much! Will be using it soon and also sharing it with my LinkedIn community. I'd love to know more about the product in case I'm missing something.
Thanks @sakshishukla. Once you try it and decide to create an account, I'll be sure to reach out and set up time to chat with you to learn more about how we can be helpful to you. Thanks again!
So cool, just made an account and tried a test doc. Very excited, and will send to my other freelance friends. Is there an instagram handle? I did a prelim search and didn't find one off the bat. would love to share it on social
Thanks so much @Ardelis, really appreciate the support and are excited about onboarding you to Mink. Here's our instagram handle - so much for offering to share with your freelance friends, we are really grateful! I'm going to email you shortly :) Thanks again.
This is great! I’ve been looking for more work and thinking about doing some freelancing, so I’m super excited to try this out!Let me know if you need a Web Developer for your website, I’d love to be a part of your team and help make this a success!
Thanks so much @Natalie14, I sent you an email. We'll definitely keep you in mind for future opportunities when we eventually start hiring but for now, we are just focused on improving the product and proving its value.
Hi, Congratulations on launching. I'm happy to test it out if you'd like? Best, Dana
Thanks so much @danapuskarich. I really appreciate your interest. Why don't you go ahead and create a profile at and check out the platform. You can also try it right now without signing up and then you can create a profile if you think it's useful for you.Afterwards, I'd love to set up time with you to learn more about you and how we can walk you through and help you create a proposal. We'll then eventually add you to the community we are creating where we hope the community will be the most valuable as we know how lonely being an independent worker/freelancer/consultant can be. Thanks so much for your interest.
Hi Laide! Congratulations on your launch!!I am not currently a freelancer but I've always been interested in it. I am trying out the sample document and taking a few notes on my thoughts - do you have a particular place you would like me to send them?
Thanks so much @keralinn. I appreciate you creating an account and super stoked that you already have feedback for us. I'm going to email you shortly :)
Just created an account. Can't wait to try it!
Thank you so much @TeresaComi. We are excited about this. I'm going to message you shortly!!!
I love this. Great look and feel. One thing I would like to do is use incremental hours. I charge in 15 min increments a and I would like to reflect this in the quote.
Seriously a great tool. I can't wait to see how it tracks responses. Everyone should try this out! Congrats on the launch!
Appreciate the support @KendraK. Really excited to have you on there. I'm going to message you shortly. Thanks so much for your feedback.
Congratulations on the launching and first users!
Thanks so much @Peraltek. Appreciate the support. Feel free to check it out and please don't hesitate to let me know if there are any questions. Thank you.