introductions to investors and customers

Dear entrepreneurs,

There is a saying that everyone can reach anyone with hustle, dedication, and effort. However, today I would love to ask for your help: we are about to finish the commercial version of the product (in record time, heavy on tech) and would love to connect to:

- investors: institutional and angels to get feedback and exposure

- investors: institutional and angels to discuss investment

- stakeholders in the healthcare space and life sciences or adjacent areas which pose a lot of sensitive data: for them to be early adopters, testers, customers and to get personalized solutions depending on the use case

I am happy to share all the details and walkthrough if you think you might have someone in your network. Short intro:  Data unBlocked is a universal multi-ledger blockchain data platform powered by AI enabling users to record all data types to users' private blockchains on the multi-ledger cloud storage service to engage in trusted transactions with full confidence in the assets exchanged at a fraction of costs of the current solutions.

Thank you in advance and feel free to DM me.