5 quick tips for more creative day 📚

Hey Elphas,

Today, it's veeery gray and rainy day in Zagreb.

So, I decided to take a moment to boost my mood and energy - but then thought it would also be nice to share the tips with you :)

1. Boost your mood with something you enjoy. 🤸

Positive emotions are huge boosters of creativity. Yet often we forget what a huge power we have over our emotions - often just a tiny action can make a huge difference.What is one small thing that you can do to boost your mood straight away?Make it easy, and playful. Take a minute to reflect about what are you grateful for. Prepare a tiny surprise for special someone. Play with your pet. Snack something you enjoy. Savour that cup of tea (or coffee). Wear your favorite piece of clothes. Add your idea - and put it into action.

2. Have a mindful conversation with an interesting colleague/friend 💡

Make it short. But make it meaningful - exchanging new ideas or discussing an innovative question such as "What are you learning these days?"

3. Move. 🚴

Stretch. Straight up your back. Remember to breathe. Stand up more often. Use lunchtime for a short walk. Open the window. Be aware of your body, and pay attention to what it needs.

4. When moving between two activities, create a transition. 🧠

Instead of quickly jumping between email and a meeting, take a moment for a nice deep breath. Or a couple of those. When exhaling, focus on letting go things that you just finished. When inhaling, set an intention with which you would like to enter the next activity.Creative? Relaxed? Focused?Whichever it is, own it.

5. Surround yourself with things that inspire you and make you think big. 🪴

Perhaps on a gray day you want more light and a warm candle in your workspace. Or perhaps a desktop photo of place that inspires you boosts your creative energies today. Or its a cute little plan and quote printout you add to your desk.Or perhaps it is about removing something - clearing out a bit more space help us think more clearly.

Today, ask yourself, what is that one small step you can to do to make your workspace tiny bit more inspiring. Just a small step.

Then, ask that question on many days.

ACTION TIME:What would make your day better, and more creative, today?Which 1 small action will you do straight away to ensure that your day starts off well?

I agree! Working out, taking breaths and stretching, hydrating, and surrounding with things that feel inspirational really do help!
and I just love how this post just "boomeranged" back at me - reading your comment reminded me to also MOVE instead of staying glued for laptop :D
@dipishapatel how are you putting it in practice? what type of movement and what pretty environment do you enjoy? for me my green colleagues are great :D
Hi Mirna! Love the plant!! I do 30-minute High-intensity interval training 3x a week using Nike Training App and Vinyasa yoga flow 2x a week. The Nike app has short yoga flow sequences. It's free and has customized workouts the instructors demonstrate step by step which is pretty neat :)They also have curated workout programs based on user preference.
sounds like a great routine :) I try to get outside more and do outdoors movement whenever possible, but if indoors, yoga is my first choice too :)
Thanks for sharing these tips @MirnaQuick question - was the post supposed to be formatted a bit differently? The sentences all look jumbled into one.
hey @teresaman yesss, totally, thanks for the warning, fixed it now... fun fact: when i moved to edit mode, it was formatted as it was meant to be. but then adding a few of excessive empty rows helped it :D great to know for future posts to not just click "save" but actually check what it looks like :D