“I’m going to win!” my husband says to Owen (3) each morning about getting dressed. To lure my son out of bed, we play this game with him. He gets excited when he is dressed before Dad. Works like a charm...most days. So, I decided to start playing some games in my business and see if it works for me, too.⭐How long will it take me to get THIS done? Can I really do it that fast?⭐If I try THIS will THAT happen? How cool would that be if it did?!The amazing @denisedt recommends it as well, and I can tell you, gaming makes life and work WAY more fun!! There’s an excitement, suspense and surprise that’s thrilling.You likely play games with your kids all the time to get them to do stuff. What if you did the same for yourself?👉Try this game...how quickly can you take ONE step toward changing your career so you’re actually happy at work?P.S. Need help with that first step? Check out From Stuck to Fulfilled: A Career Transformation https://transform.mindsetmamas.com/from-stuck-to-fulfilled