$50,000 investment for early stage founders building the new normal (XX)https://xx.team/

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I just hit submit, @jiwonmoon! I LOVE what's happening at XX. And while challenging, I really appreciated the lean character limits in the application that forced me to be super concise. I have a couple of questions for you (leaving them here on the public thread vs. DM for other Elphas who might be applying and have related questions): I didn't realize this would immediately go live on Wefunder, so in my video I addressed the XX team vs. that and potential investors. Not sure what kind of traffic those early videos get, so should I try to edit that out or re-record? In addition, while I have an LLC, the concept I submitted does not yet exist as its own business entity. Please let me know if I should clarify that anywhere.Thank you!
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Hi Becca! I'm so sorry I didn't see this earlier! Thanks so much for applying :) Your application won't go live on Wefunder though there's an option to make it viewable by Wefunder VIP investors (that shouldn't be default). Addressing XX is the right way to go :)Re: your second question. That's fine! Some people apply with just ideas and get into our program (though rare). :)
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Thanks, @jiwonmoon, and no worries! I ended up deleting the contents of my application, FYI, as I decided now isn't a great time for this. Just to let you know, the page was live/publicly viewable without being logged in and I don't recall a step in the application process that indicated I was making it visible to VIP investors (this is what's left of it - https://wefunder.com/likeheartslab2/).