Data Scientist (relocating) seeking mentorship & networking opportunities

Hi all!

I am a Data Scientist in the Washington D.C. tech industry and am looking to expand my network and perhaps get resume assistance or career advice from fellow data scientists or other professionals. I love the role that I am in, but am relocating to Dallas, Texas for my husband's career, and have been denied telework due to return to office policies despite working remotely for 2 years now.

So, in an unlikely turn of events, I am back in the job market for a remote or Texas-based role and have found it more daunting than I'd expected. I have a strong set of skills in both Python, R, and developing ML algorithms, but have not been progressing past many application rounds and would love to share my resume and LinkedIn to see if anyone has areas in which they believe I could improve. I'm currently focusing on roles in Tech, Marketing, or Healthcare Tech but am open to new industries.

I have included my LinkedIn page and can message or email my resume to anyone who would like. Thank you in advance to anyone who is able to offer any advice, it is greatly appreciated!


Rachel :)

If you haven't already Rachel, definitely check out Elpha's talent pool where companies can reach out to you based on your experience and what you see as important values! You can also learn more about how we thought about our talent pool here: this helps and also, tagging @HeatherZweig who may be able to guide you in your search!
I highly recommend joining online slack communities, there are tons for the data community, I've started to compile a list:'ve been great for me personally for networking, asking for advice, casual mentoring, finding job postings, asking about company culture, etc.
@maggiewolff Thank you so much! I actually joined the Data Science Salon and it's been wonderful to be a part of!
Hi Rachel! :) I saw you were / are at MITRE! :) We are Boston based startup working with the government ;-) drop me your cv at [email protected] :)
@BasiaKubicka12 Hi! Thanks so much, I've sent you an email :)
Hi Rachel! +1 to @teresaman's recommendation for our talent pool! We have a couple great data positions that would be a great fit for you, including this one:
@HeatherZweig Thank you so much! I actually went ahead and applied to that position, I appreciate you sharing it.