Do you want to get on the fast track to a career in tech but don't have any coding knowledge?

I have started this program for women to learn to code. With all the innovation in Ai and fashion, it's becoming a reality that fashion designers will need to know how to work with computers to create designs.

Would you please consider giving some visibility to this through your social channels in case any women in your community would like to join?

Retweet on Twitter, repost from Facebook, and forward on LinkedIn? It could be something like “Look what Anina Net & 360Fashion are doing to impact STEM and get women the skills they need” or similar.

Here’s text for a newsletter or Instagram post inclusion:

Do you want to fast track your career in tech? 360Fashion Network, Amazon and Robociti are offering 70 women a free programming program to help them upskill to robotics and Ai. Program starts in November. Sign up here:

SUPER interested in this! Just submitted my application!