Diversity & Inclusion in the Metaverse - Are we headed for Body Dismorphia?

Venturing into the Metaverse has been a fascinating yet challenging journey. One of the most profound challenges we've encountered revolves around avatars—a critical aspect of our digital identity in this realm. Finding avatars that genuinely represent diversity, authentic body figures, and realistic faces has been a formidable task.

Creating the 360Fashion Maze Game ( offered me an eye-opening view into these challenges. I couldnt have created a VR/AR game that was diverse and inclusive if I hadn't collaborated with a brilliant team of animators, avatar creators, and talented women programmers. Our shared vision was clear: to undo the sins of the fashion industry and make an immersive game where everyone looks fabulous just as they are!

The hurdles we faced were real. Ensuring avatars were not just diverse but authentically created required meticulous work. From custom creating body types to sculpting new facial features, we needed to break the mold of unrealistic standards set by traditional fashion and I consulted with a lot of mentors to make sure that we were doing it right. This meant extensive research, coding, and collaboration with diverse teams.

On December 14th, I'm thrilled to extend an invitation to you where I'll be giving a sneak peek into this new fashion maze game at the GET AI AND WEB3 READY FOR 2024 event. I'll provide an exclusive sneak peek into the creation of the 360Fashion Maze Game. More importantly, I'll delve into the trials we faced and the ingenious solutions we crafted to make this digital world more inclusive and representative of reality so others can learn from our adventure and sidestep D&I pitfalls for themselves.

Date: Dec 14th

Time: 11am PST / 2pm EST / 8pm CET / 11pm GST


Save the date and come prepared to engage in a candid discussion. Together, in a panel discussion, we'll explore the potential of technology to foster diversity and authenticity in the digital sphere.

Let's discuss these profound challenges and innovative solutions, working towards a more inclusive digital future. I would love to hear your thoughts and invite you on stage to share your perspective.

Our kids playing these games depend on us to reshape the future!

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