I gave a speech using an Omnibot Robot and so can you!

This past weekend I had the honor to speak at the Silicon Valley Bot Event. I used a remote robot to navigate around the event and to meet many of the fellow roboticists on site. Several of them were women with incredible projects for humanoids, Ai dolls, and more.

This October 28th I'm moderating an incredible event on Robociti Town Hall where we will be showcasing prominent engineers who are working in the Robotics and Ai space.

Google Brain Engineer is our Guest this Oct 28th

Maria Attarian, a Research Software Engineer at Google Brain will be our VIP guest, along with Andra Kaey from Silicon Valley Robotics. During the "ask the engineers" section of the event, we are inviting incredible women and artistic engineers to the stage to have a talk with the audience together about the future of robotics and Ai.

This is a great diversity and inclusion event, that gives us a glimpse into the future. Join me October 28th, and the Robociti team! RSVP here:

Don't forget that we have only a few days left until our Women Coding program sponsored by AWS, Robociti, and 360Fashion Network closes. If you know a woman that would love to learn to code, please send them to our program page to sign up: