*3 Months of Free Daily Meditation Videos*https://tinyurl.com/y5ykjqvz

Hi Elphas!If you’re looking to create a meditation practice or enhance your existing practice, I want to share a resource that I use and love. Short daily videos on breath, energy and meditation from a Tai Chi master are designed to guide you in establishing or enlivening your meditation practice, step by step. In addition to the daily practice videos, you will also have access to group practice sessions on Zoom five days a week, and the opportunity to ask a senior instructor questions about your meditation practice and spiritual path. If you’re interested to explore it, here’s a link to try the course for free for three months: tinyurl.com/y5ykjqvz.Here's a recent user review: "I've meditated for the past ten years, experimenting with various Buddhist, Catholic, and non-theistic traditions, and the SUN SHEN system is by far the most powerful program I have encountered. With it I meditated for 100 days straight, and finally found the container for my life. Master Kim is a wizard at communicating with my specific needs, and the sequencing and thoughtfulness in each lesson is apparent. I love SUN SHEN, and you will too." - Andrew LapetinaWishing you peace amidst the storms :)Warmly,Eva