Any Elphas in Boston?

Any Elphas in Boston interested in meeting up?

LOVE to see it! We do have so many in Boston and a few who live nearby so tagging for viz! @amyeastment, our very own @Naomi, @jessthrasher @helanacarrington @amandaswiatocha @ATrotman @sandraokeefemph @jenniferdaponte @lizwells1999 @carly20 @KatelynNugent @wendyboucher @theresacolarusso @kimhartford who just got back to Boston! @daniellefuchs @LaurenChapey @emilyruzich - you may be interested in this! :)
Hi! I would definitely be open to trying to meet up!
I'm interested!!
We just need to find a time/date that is suitable for everyone interested.
I'm also totally down!
I'm in Vermont but depending on timing, can try to make a trip down work!
I'm interested as well!
We did a meetup last year at Davis square! It was really lovely
Amazing! Where did you go in Davis?
Maybe sometime during the first week of October?
Hi! Yes, I'm in the Boston area and would love to meet up!