Have you been dying to get headshots?

Hi Elphas,

I shared this on LinkedIn, and could do that without sharing with my Elphas too!

Let me preface this by saying I absolutely value the work of a professional photographer, and no AI can replace the work of one that's gifted with a remarkable eye. That being said, most people can't afford to splurge $800-1000/- for headshots (in this market? psh). This is where Secta Labs comes in.I've been working on revamping my business profile and clearly needed a better profile picture so I took the leap (thank you Stephanie Nuesi of LinkedIn) and for $49 (launch price) and 35+ real photos, I was able to generate some great photos. It was a little disconcerting to tell you honestly, and not all were 100% on the mark, but many turned out great. It also has several different features such as remixing, re-generating, remove/replace clothing, replace background etc. that you can use to play around with and I have to say I'm pleased with many of the results for the price. What do you think?If you want to try it out, you can click here:

what an interesting and cool product! I might give it a try!
You totally should! Also they're in their launch phase, so it's cheaper right now LOL
even more likely to try now! haha
your elpha profile pic is FIRE !
Thank you!!