From Client Success to something else?

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We have many Elphas share their experience on transitioning from customer success to product here: under "From customer support to product management"!
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I'm on the other end of this topic. I hired someone who spent most of their career in client success. I was looking for someone to help as an executive assistant and want to grow in any of the operations functions (hr, legal, finance, recruiting) and she quickly demonstrated the ability to quickly solve problems with little to nothing.I can see if she would be open to connecting with you. It would be interesting for me to understand how she felt about the transition.
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That's really interesting. I saw an executive assistant position and was wondering if I could translate my skills to this position. No pressure on connecting us, but if she would be open to it, I would love to connect with them. Thanks!
If you had to explain your responsibility in client success with one sentence what would you say?Depending on your resume and soft skills would determine what type of executive/industry would be a good match. I'd be happy to talk from a hiring perspective.In the meantime, DM your contact and I'll send it to her.