SoGoHa, Something Good Happened's MVP is launched! Anonymous community designed to boost your morale

Thanks for checking out this post!Super happy to share with the elpha community I've finally launched a very simple MVP for my idea SoGoHa(Something Good Happened) since the birth of the concept 4 years ago. And was said to be the top 10% applicants of YC summer 2019 batch.Some context to why I create this idea:We're so used to what current social media deem as "living a good life" moment. The carefully curated Instagram pictures, the once in a while "I got a promotion!" Facebook worthy posts. It has trained our minds to think "I want to post about something but is not facebook worthy enough, I won't get any likes, I'll just end up feeling bad I didn't get likes. I'll just not post about it"Does the above thought make you feel worst or better? It definitely made me feel worst. Because I oftentimes have those moments. I wanted to share that I made progress on running, 4 years ago, but it wasn't an impressive progress, it wasn't a Facebook worthy milestone. So I ask, why do we do this to ourselves? Why aren't we celebrating all the steps that it took to get to the milestones? Why aren't we appreciating the moments when nothing bad happened? (That's the same as a boring day!) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hence the idea of SoGoHa, Anonymous community encourages progress tracking. So we don't forget to keep track of the good things that happen while we are constantly overwhelmed by the list of "problems we have to solve". Here's what the super simple MVP looks like via an instruction video: you're interested in participating, fill out this 15-second form and we'll get back to you within 2 days to give you access to the MVP so you can start logging away :D.Take care,Laurie