"The fabric of a healthy society depends on us getting off this corrosive business model"

"The dilemmaNever before have a handful of tech designers had such control over the way billions of us think, act, and live our lives."Have you seen the film on Netflix? What are you going to do about this call to action?
I haven't seen this (or even heard about it before now). My own social media use is minimal compared to most people I know. I already regularly urge everyone I know to delete their FB account.
that's cool! kudos! Keep at it :pray: . I've been more of a "I have all of those accounts but I only use 1 of them regularly" person. I never understood the appeal of Instagram, never got into twitter, or reddit, fb is still handy only cuz of fb group.
I did quite a bit of work with CHT and am really excited to hear of this film finally coming out! That said I don't have Netflix so haven't seen this yet. Have you, and if so what did you think of it?
That's really cool!! Yes I watched it the next day after hearing a trusty friend mention of it. I always had this feeling these companies were mining data in such a way, I think hearing the ex-executives talk about how terrible they felt, and have them explain it in a simplistic way, how they helped build these monster really made me committed to deleting accounts in the near term. I also been trying to build a start up based on how unhappy I've been about social media. Last time I applied, I was the top 10% of all applicants in batch of summer 2019. And I'll be applying again in 10 days :D . Timing feels ripe this time :fingerscrossed: