**Exhausted of Immigration Roadblocks**Looking for Operations/Program Management Roles

Talented Women of Elpha,

I am reaching out to you today as I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. I am under extreme stress and pressure and I feel like I am at the lowest. I am on a work permit which expires Q3 of next year. My current company (where I spent 3 years) has put my case on hold due to which I am unable to extend my term. Therefore, this is my primary reason to enter the job market and look for a company that will value me.

I have 8 years of operations expertise mainly in manufacturing engineering, corporate operations, NPI/ program management. My skillset is transferable to any industry. I would like to leverage this network to point me in the right direction, connect me with recruiters or individuals who can offer me advice/resume feedback. Currently I reside in Michigan but I am open to relocating if needed.

Counting on you and asking for HELP!

Thank you in advance to anyone who is reading this!

I hear you! and being an immigrant, I know how hard this is. Stay strong and thank you for reaching out to this community. DM me! there are some roles open @Zoom I can refer you/get you in touch with the right people.
Hi there,There are two companies I have in mind that I can refer you to.Can you share your linkedIn url or resume?
Here to say I feel you on SO many levels as an immigrant myself with a fair share of unresolved challenges.Wishing you strength and luck ❤️
Thank you! Let me know if you can connect me with some potential recruiters!
You should take @shwetakamble and @ninaephremidze1 who kindly offered!