Banging the door to new Opportunities

2023 was a great year for me. I achieved a significant milestone by earning my MFA in Design Technology. This transition from Computer Science to Design was a major leap for me. While my peers admired my ambition, they also viewed it as unconventional and foolhardy.( I come from India where Computer Science Engineers are worshipped). However, I was determined to challenge stereotypes and navigate through unfamiliar territory. Navigating the unpredictable waters, defying stereotypes, and pushing my limits daily, I successfully earned my Design degree and felt incredibly joyful. Although the illusion of Master graduates landing a job as soon as they graduate broke pretty quickly.

As a Product Designer, I specialize in bridging the gap between design and development, and I am eager to break into the industry. I have a ton of Part-time experience. I am new to Elpha and excited to expand my job search and connect with like-minded women. If you are interested in having a virtual coffee chat or discussing how we can support each other professionally, please reach out.

Thank you!


Thank you for sharing Simran! Big congrats on graduating with your MFA, this is no small feat especially considering the career transition! Also kudos to you on challenging the status quo (very familiar with India's love for engineering more broadly :)) Okay so for your full time roles: what do you want to do, what kind of experiences do you already have (industry, type of companies etc) if you can share more details I am sure we can point you to the right direction or best connect with the right people. In the meantime, check out elpha's portfolio of partner companies
Thank you @iynna I'm mostly focused on Product Design, UX/UI design and 3D design(games, AR/VR) roles. My experience encompasses 2-3 years of UX/UI design for games, app and websites in Gaming and Advertising/Marketing industries. Thank you for pointing me to the job board.
you're welcome! and icymi our Office Hourse guest from last week has the perfect background for what you're trying to do.