Free Yoga Class: Lightening the Emotional Weight before the holidays

You're all invited to my community's private yoga class! (free!)We get it. This holiday season feels different than usual. To help bring lightness and give you room to breathe during this crazy time, we hope you’ll join our first ever Parlay House Yoga Tuesday.Led by our own NYC member, wellness leader, and yoga instructor Jenna Roth, we will stretch and move our way to a feeling of being grounded and grateful.This will be a relaxing and beginner-friendly practice. All are welcome so grab your mat, invite a friend who could use some time for herself, and find some space to stretch out with us. It’s fine to keep your cameras off if that makes the experience more centered for you.xoxo hope you an make it!
Hi Arielle!Thanks for sharing - I just signed up :) @CassieWat- join me!
Sounds great! Just signed up!