Free influencer marketing! Team up with our curators at Settr with our free direct-to-consumer technology

Hey to all the Elphas that work for wellness, athleisure, makeup, skincare or CBD brands!I'd like to invite you to offer your products for free on our marketplace platform. Once your products are included in our marketplace, our network of social media influencers, skincare and lifestyle bloggers, makeup artists & athletes are able to promote your products in their own online Settr shops, selling your products directly to their audiences across social channels.We aren't an affiliate program or a distributor. Instead, our technology offers you free social media brand exposure through people that have an engaged audience on social media. At the same time, it is a direct-to-consumer model where you ship your products directly to the customer.I would love to walk you through a quick demo of how it works.We recently signed a soccer club. Soon their female and male players will have their own Settr shops and we are looking for more health-focused brands to support our growing trendsetter community.You can also have a look at our IG @settr or our website settr.comLooking forward to connecting with you!