😣 What would you change about your closest relationships (BFFs, Fam, SOs, etc)?

Hi Elpha! I'm working on an idea around our closest relationships (family, friends, SOs) and want to understand pain points people face in those relationships - especially from people outside my typical friends circle ☺️

Can you share a few struggles you face in your relationships? Or a list things you wish were different? Division of chores, not being able to stay in touch, $$$ struggles, more quality time, less distance -- anything works!

Thank you so much 🙏

It would be nice if our career ambitions didn’t force us to live in different cities.
Very true, thank you for sharing @filomena21!
I wish we could spend more time together. Maybe talk more than a once/month or handful of times/year. Still doesn’t really feel like enough time together.
Thank you for this! What’s the main thing stopping you from spending more time together?
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I've come to realize as an adult that my family is TERRIBLE at communication. And it's led to so much drama. I'm so sick of it. Because I'm always the person in the middle who everyone vents to. (Or maybe they're also venting to each other about me LOL.)
I hear you!! I feel like there are so many different family groups that it’s both overwhelming and silent at the same time 😅What do you think would make your family communicate better? P.S. thank you for sharing, I really appreciate it!!