Developer portfolio

I am a senior about to graduate and I have been applying to so many jobs and not having luck but I don't have a portfolio. I have been giving my GitHub but now I am worried I have missed out on opportunitit's because I don't have a portfolio. I am now working on building one but I think I may have missed the window. Is it better to get up a simpler portfolio asap or take my time building and apply without one in the meantime?

You haven't missed the window! I've gotten many dev jobs (maybe all of them? I've had 5) without a portfolio. They can see your repos and amount of commits if they really want, on GitHub. You could also host your code and then link the url on the Read Me.Definitely keep applying. Applications take time. it can take months to hear back from a recruiter. I'd recommend reaching out directly to an engineering manager at the company and e-mailing them (or LinkedIn).It's also a bit of a numbers game so applying to more jobs is to your advantage because:- there's such a wide variety in what companies will ask for in an interview- external factors like other candidates and hiring budgets come into play- getting multiple offers will strengthen your negotiation powerYou've got this!Sarah