Do your contemporaries know how to use a computer in 2024?

A lot of people, well, they don't know how to use a PC these days.

  • Copy and pasting
  • Using Task Manager
  • Attaching an email

Are just a few of the things that are becoming a lost art. You're likely to be hired because "you're nice", not because you can use the system the software runs on.

When you enter the workforce, you will encounter a PC issue, and in order to stand out with your manager and your IT team as someone who knows what they're doing, Microsoft has released a Windows PC Manager tool, which basically packages a lot of "power tools" (AKA, things some of us have been using for decades since childhood) for the new computer users who are more used to tablets and phones.

Here's a brief overview ---> Windows PC Manager.

Thanks for sharing this! I guess this makes me a PC power user too, because I've used one for over two decades :-D But seriously, people, don't turn to me for IT questions.
We can do so much with Task Manager!!
Yes! It's going to be really interesting to see what happens to the generation of kids who are going to enter the workforce in the next decade-15 years. Our daughter, for example, uses a Chromebook at school, so she expects to navigate to the internet for everything (even to use a calculator).