Hiring a diverse full-stack founding engineer

Hi! I'm Jenny and I am a founder seeking to build out a diverse founding team and safe space starting with my first founding engineer.  We have VC backing, a functional web app, paying business customers, and user research with hundreds of users to back what we're building.

And yet, I'm struggling to find female and BIPOC engineers (they would also best and most naturally understand the problem we're solving)!

Any advice or know anyone who is looking for a full-stack mid to senior level engineering role at an early stage startup? Atypical backgrounds and appreneurs appreciated and welcomed!

We're flexible on location, generous in equity, committed to being a safe working space (3/4 of the team is women or BIPOC), and our tech stack is Typescript, React.js (later React Native), and Firebase / Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

I'm looking for a mid-level role, with a focus on front-end! https://www.wholewheat.devSites to reach your target audience include:https://remotepoc.com also
Thanks Carolyn! Looking for more full-stack with a focus on back-end so not quite a fit!
Hi @jsong, would you be available for a call? We are building a startup that aims to helps companies find the right engineering team and I would love to know what are your struggles and maybe we can help.I just posted this a few minutes ago:
I set up some time, but see you are in the Philippines - prefer US-based folks where possible?
Got it on the preference for US-based folks. See you later and let see how we can help you find your first founding engineer. 😊
Have you look into the local chapter of Women Who Code? They do meetup events, have slack channel, and job posting. If I am looking for a role, it would be one of the first place I look. Also, you haven't mentioned your office location. If you have an physical office, you can offer to host an event yourself. Depending on your location, there may also be other women or BIPOC tech groups in the same timezone (since you mention location is flexible). If it's nearby, then you can attend in person and network there. I am most familiar with the Bay Area SF, but I am sure if you post in the WWC slack, you will get some good rec.
This is great! Would It be possible to invite me to the slack channel? We are based in SF and have an informal physical office, but nothing official.
Sounds like an awesome opportunity! Do you have a job posting we could share or more details on the role and product?