[Update on the book] How women succeed in tech worldwide: We’ve reached 300 respondents!!!

I’m delighted to share that we’ve reached 300 respondents from 44 different countries to our survey about the blockers and enablers of success for women in tech worldwide.

What a milestone! I cannot be more thrilled.

And the insights the respondents shared are pure gold. Whilst we see some trends common across countries, there are also fascinating differences.

One thing it’s clear: Patriarchy is well alive across the planet.

As a reminder, we’re writing a book about how women succeed in tech worldwide and the aim of our short survey is to learn about what made those women stay and what they need to thrive in the next 5 years.

Note that our definition of tech is broad - women working in any function (R&D, HR, services, finance) in the tech sector (software, hardware…) or in tech-related functions (e.g. IT, cybersecurity…) in other sectors.

Are you a woman in tech and you haven’t filled out our survey yet?

Do you know other women in tech that could help us with our research?

If yes, please complete and/or share the form below

Thanks to all the women in tech in this community that have shared their experiences in the survey and to everybody that have supported this project by amplifying our request. You’re amazing!