Get fit, it's for a good cause! Online yoga and workout classes that give back.

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well and taking care of yourselves in these difficult times. I started working out and doing yoga at home again and it's helped me a ton with my mental health. I try to do online classes via zoom and support small studios that have classes that give back in some way shape or form. I maintain list of classes I *want to* attend (the intention is there 😅). They all give their proceeds (or a part of) to charity, or advocate for a cause. If this something you're into, feel free to sign up to receive this list via email weekly here
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Very cool idea, thanks for sharing Malea!
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Thanks so much for sharing @malea! If you're into this you should def connect with @CassieWat she founded the IG account @Sweatforfree and she is just the best at curating all things free fitness + giving exposure to tons of amazing instructors!