Attending my first Tech Conference, any networking advice?

I will be attending the Latinas In Tech conference next month and would like to make the most of my time there. My background is in non-profit management, and currently seeking to transistion into a tech role. At the end of the conference there will be an opportunity to connect with recruiters from various companies. Any networking advice or tips when engaging with recruiters?


Biggest tip: use your LinkedIn QR code to connect with people instead of relying on business cards (you can generate this by clicking the search bar in your LinkedIn app and clicking the QR symbol). Grab a screenshot of it in case you lose reception. Make sure your LinkedIn is up to date before you do this!Bring resumes with you to give to recruiters at their booths, but don't rely on just the resumes. I've recruited at conferences and received a stack of 500+ resumes, and it is easy to misplace some. If you can get the recruiter's contact information (LinkedIn or email) and follow up with them after the conference, they'll be more likely to get you into their interview process. Some of these conferences actually build in time and space for companies to interview onsite during the conference. Leave a few slots in your schedule open just in case you dream company wants to interview you during the conference. Finally, be friendly and chat with the people you meet during break out sessions! Even if they're not recruiters, they may still be able to connect you with the hiring team at their company (or they can just be a great connection to have in the future). Good luck and HAVE FUN!
@Denise Wow, thank you SO much! Super helpful.I always have conflicting thoughts when networking, try my best to be authentic and try not to make it a transactional conversation, but at the end of the day it seems like it kind of is..? Either way, I am looking to build real relationships and get my foot in the industry. Thanks again @glojdallas! Also curious, as a recruiter do you find potential candidates via networks like Elpha? Going to spend some time this weekend updating my profile.
LinkedIn is still my biggest sourcing tool, but I have found candidates on Elpha! It definitely doesn't hurt to have an updated profile.
1) See if you can get a list of the people who will be there and set up an email drip campaign to introduce yourself beforehand so that you can set up meetings. This is a game-changer. 2) In the absence of the above, or in conjunction with, remember that the recruiters and hiring managers are just people, and people love to be understood and talk about themselves. Go with an attitude of listening and connecting. You'll do better being an active listener, then trying to sell yourself, and you'll stand out from the rest of the crowd. 3) stay organized, and keep track of the people you talk to, in the same way that people keep track of sales leads. I have a prospect tracker tool that can be adapted for any situation and can send the link if you're interested. 4) 100% second @glojdalls on the LI QR code - but make sure that you have them send the request to you while you're standing there, not the other way around, so that they can't ignore your request after the event! Good luck and have fun!
Very helpful! Great nuggets specifically being an active listener and having recruiters send LI request.
Good luck and tell us how it goes!