New grad seeking career advice to become an Associate Product Marketing Manager

Hi there! I just graduated with a degree in Marketing & Analytics and have had internship experiences in marketing/research mainly in the entertainment industry. I'm aspiring to pivot into the tech industry and was really excited to discover the world of Product Marketing, but I don't have experience. To tackle this, here's what I've done so far:- Joined the Product Marketing Alliance community. They're awesome, but they seem to be more catered for seasoned professionals than for aspiring APMM's like me. - Started a personal project to get my hands dirty. I prototyped a web product, Wuhu, which aims to help Netflix users plan and enjoy watch parties remotely. I'm currently creating a product marketing plan slide deck to add to my LinkedIn portfolio.- Started reading PM books to learn more about the product world, but I'm hesitant to continue since it's starting to confuse my sense of career direction – PM roles are quite different to PMM's. Is/was anyone on the same boat? What drew you to product marketing? How do/did you prepare yourself for roles in this field? What else can I do to increase my chances of getting hired as an Associate Product Marketing Manager?