[Please take my survey] Do you feel supported in your careers?

Recently, I have been ideating a lot on the topic of career progression and support and am looking to see if I can launch a product to support folks in this area.If you have 3-5 minutes, whether you’re a job seeker or currently employed, I would love to hear from you on my most recent survey to understand your experience getting support with your career. The information will be used by me for research purposes to help create something that supports folks’ career development. also have a survey geared towards career coaches if there are any in this group. Fin that survey here:
@vanessaw I fall under the currently employed category and I just completed :) Will you be able to share results to participants?
Potentially would be able to share. However, since I didn’t tell folks their answers would be used that way, I might not be able to. I’ll see! Thanks for taking it!!
Well if you anonymised it, it would be good to get a sense of results (even if high level).
For sure. It would be anonymous definitely. I think it’s more so that if I took a survey and was told it would be used for X reasons and then they decided to actually use it for X and Y reasons it could just be odd and don’t want anyone to feel any way about that. Might not be a problem but want to be sensitive to that! And I doubt anyone would mind since it would be in aggregate, but I like to err on the side of caution.If there was something you were curious about in particular let me know.
That makes perfect sense :-) I appreciate you!Well I mostly curious to know the trends on where people feel the most/less supported in their careers and if there were anything that jumped out to you
For sure. I also realize I don’t even have all the respondents’ information since I don’t require it so couldn’t share to everyone even if I wanted. I’m still having responses flowing in, so it’s not final. But maybe in a few days if you’re still wanting to know, remind me and I can send you a message with some of the trends in that area!
I’d love that!