What sort of career support do you wish you had?

TLDR: I’m hoping to help more women thrive in their careers. You can take my most recent research survey here ( to help me learn more about what you need. Also, I’m launching an affordable career coaching program, which you can sign up for here ( $25 for 6 weeks of coaching. 
I’ve recently been thinking a lot about how to make underrepresented communities, including the women in this group, grow their careers.The women I’ve spoken with expressed a need for career coaching and mentorship. Currently the main ways to do this are:- Post in a group like this and hope someone replies- Read blogs, follow career gurus on social, etc. that give general advice- Pay $150+/session for a career coachTo try and find a way for folks to get the personal guidance they need quickly and affordably, I’m launching my own pilot program to provide paid coaching for only $25 for 6 weeks. We will communicate primarily over email to keep things affordable and to allow folks to get the quickest response possible, rather than waiting weeks for a live session. You can learn more and sign up on my website here: is one of the first places I’m sharing since this group was one of my inspirations for the program.I’m also continuing to conduct research and would love to get more insight from this community on a 5-minute survey, which you can find here:
Hi Vanessa,Congrats on launching! I am super curious to learn a bit more about your approach. Do you foresee members reaching out to you with all sorts of career-related questions (e.g asking for a raise/promotion, navigating job search etc) and you will answer or do you actually have a program in place and if so what would this look like?Thank you very much!
Thanks for the question! The plan for the 6 weeks (and I appreciate the question since I can probably do a better job fleshing this out on the website):- Kick off call where we would dive into their current career struggles and goals. Would also there decide on the primary area of focus for the 6 weeks since there could be multiple things they want to address, but likely can't really move the needle on a bunch of goals- Based on that call, I would provide a framework for how they should approach. Ex. If they said their goal is to get promoted, would build for them a custom plan/checklist of actions to take to help them get there based on their current state- Would stay in touch throughout the 6 weeks via message. If they have random questions on a random day, they can float send those to me and I'll answer. For example, maybe they just want my thoughts on something their manager said and it's very one-off. - And of course would check in on the plan/checklist. If there was an activity they were supposed to do like write a draft of their self performance review, I would read and give feedback, etc. Hopefully that clarifies how things would work! Thanks! I'll try to figure out maybe how to add this example walkthrough to the site so people can imagine what the program could look like for them