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We are helping global entrepreneurs open their business in the US remotely, and in the fastest time possible. There's a lot of competitors out there, but they are just not fast enough and mostly affected by Covid19 that further delays their process for weeks, some took months. Entrepreneurs need their businesses to get done fast specially during pandemic and waiting for weeks to months is just not helping at all. We often receive questions about our difference/advantage with Stripe Atlas and other methods, so here it is:-we do it 2x faster than Stripe Atlas (3x faster than other methods)-we support 50 states, each company is unique and Delaware is not always the best option-we don't just refer clients to our partner banks or ask them to sign up for themselves, this is the current case with Stripe. We will handle all the paperwork and all they need to do is wait for the welcome email and start banking-US mailing address and phone number - we also set these up because these are bank requirements, Stripe does not assist on this-we're not affected by Covid19 since we've invested on technology, you'll see banners from competitors saying that there's a delay in their process, this means they're doing it manually, and it takes weeks or months to get it done - we don't have this problemWe also launched on Product Hunt feel free to share your thoughts, and please upvote :)
@jesseca upvoted!!! great product :)
Thanks @maryqueen for the support!
Great idea! How does Dunster handle corporate and LLC paperwork (mainly, bylaws, shareholder/buy-sell agreements and LLC operating agreements and resolution templates)? Do you refer these to legal partners? If a company lacks these, they could be vulnerable to piercing the corporate veil claims, and most new businesses don’t understand the importance of abiding by their formalities.
Hi @lauradrossman thanks for the question. Robust bylaws and operating agreement is part of our package. We can also provide resolution templates if needed, free of charge. We can also refer them to our legal partners for bespoke legal needs. It's true that most businesses don't understand this that's why we encourage them to ask questions and we also keep them informed of the expected tax rates for their chosen state.