Experience with Parenting & Autism?https://www.beaminghealth.com

We are building a company to make it easier for families of children with autism to find and access everything they need. Would love to connect with any Elphas / others who are excited about what we're doing.

We're moving quickly! Email me: [email protected]

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You might want to change the title of your post so people know this is a) CA-specific and b) about medical providers. By far our largest challenges have been navigating the school system, and we're in MA.
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Hi Rebecca - thanks for your patience. We actually will be national by the end of next month (woohoo!) and have resources beyond medical providers (special ed advocates, camps, etc). Would love to connect to get your feedback on it if you're willing. Excited to keep making it better for families like ours.
Some recommendations:-Seek advisory guidance from actually autistic people. It looks as though you have no autistic people on the team-Actually autistic people mostly use identity first language and aren't "with autism"-"Neurodiverse" describes a set of people. "Neurodivergent" describes the person. We don't say, "you're diverse because you're Asian"-There seems to be a major focus on the caregivers. Where's the narrative about the person who's actually receiving services? How are they being empowered?-It's a very nice website! But on some pages it sounds like the goal is special needs and not specific to autism
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Hey! Thanks for your patience and this great feedback. + Agreed on autistic vs with autism - we get pulled in both directions by all sides of the community. It's hard when there is such a variety and range of experiences. We did adjust our home page (see below) despite the conflicting opinions. + We have an autistic advisory board who pointed out that same "neurodiverse vs neurodivergent" error. Thanks for flagging!+ We are focused on supporting the experience of individuals and families early on in the journey (around the time of diagnosis) which is why we're more focused on caregivers. The goal of course is to make sure kids receive the support they need to live a successful life as defined by them. + We had to start with a focus given we're such a small team. We have some great friends building for individuals over at NeuroNav who have more of the adulthood transition focus.+ The autism focus was to make sure we could build something right in one space, but we are excited to go beyond itPlease don't hesitate to reach out if you have more thoughts or feedback.