Expected compensation for a Principal product manager at Series D startup

Hi Fellow Elphians,

I am a senior level tech PM and have experience working in both large organizations and startups. I am expecting an offer for a Director of PM/Principal PM role (remote) at a series D startup in healthtech space. What is the current market pay range for such a role in following sections?

  • Base Pay
  • Performance Bonus
  • Joining Bonus
  • Pre IPO equity

Appreciate the feedback from this awesome community!

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I don't have a direct answer for this one but you can check levels.fyi ( @teresaman has recommended this one a bunch)
Thank you. I tried looking at this website but this doesn’t give much information on Late stage startups and the associated product salaries.
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Ha okay! Hope you find the answer!
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Ehhhh super hard to say. Probably all in is 150-200? Are you a scale up? I know faang gets way more, but my startup experience is that pms are topping out around 200 (but maybe with the job market right now it's higher??). I'd expect around a 15% bonus, if they give bonuses (some don't). And for equity, I recommend finding out how many total shares have been issued, which will give you a better idea of what those options are actually worth.
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I’m a recruiter and have seen total comp packages at 500k annually for Senior PMs with a 250k base salary limit. However this is usually for niche skill specialties (like if all of your jobs have been in health tech and you can offer domain expertise that is very valuable to the company). Comp packages tend to be good across a company or bad across a company so check comp across the whole company using Glassdoor, Levels.fyi, etc.