💡Steal This Idea: A Blog Called "Can We Talk About Something Else?..."

Yes, the world is a dumpster fire at the moment - but are we still going on that trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico for a week like we planned?

Yes, car prices are STOOPID at the moment and you're going to have to wait until 2023 (2024?) to buy your lux vehicle, sooooooo - how about we celebrate "Treat Yo' Self" day early this year with the down payment you were SUPPOSED to put down on the car?

No, I don't want to talk about the ex-Cheetos in Chief...

No, I don't want to talk about ANY of the government entities of ANY of the world countries...

No, I don't want to to talk about 'rona...

No, I don't want to talk about Jason Momoa & Lisa Bonet breaking up 😭😭😭😭 #whatislove...

Can we please, please, PLEASE talk about something else?!

We're at a bar. Can we just chill...

And that is what the blog is going to be about.

Giving people topics, interesting news stories, fun skills to learn, magic tricks, WHATEVER - that they can use in social settings to keep the mood light & chill.

I know people have been isolated for a while and are going to be socially awkward when they're released back into the wild, so give them an arsenal of tools they can use to fend for themselves and be the hero of the party.

stephaniecn's profile thumbnail
Dang Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet broke up??? Wild.
jikajika's profile thumbnail
Yeah. I'm feeling all kinds of emotions about that, especially since Jason has been QUITE VOCAL about how much he has wanted to be with Lisa since he was like 7 and saw her on the Cosby show. Just dings at the heart a little, because you really wanted them to make it. But anyhoo...let's talk about something else!
sherrymalhotra's profile thumbnail
Can we talk about Gertrude Stein and what a genius she was—her parties were the rage of Paris with Picasso and Matisse in attendance, to name a few. I took a whimsical dive into Paris at the turn of the century with one of the Wilson brothers (can’t differentiate them by name but know them by face 😝) in Midnight in Paris on Netflix and now I am hooked to a book written by Stein. I loved the idealism of the movie, it was a refreshing break, and I loved the rabbit hole of books it opens up even more. Those are the rabbit holes we need.
jikajika's profile thumbnail
Rabbit hole, accepted!!
nicolettehinds's profile thumbnail
First of all, I no longer believe in love because of Jason and Lisa splitting up. They were amazing together. Second, I love this idea!
jikajika's profile thumbnail
And my parents are looking at me like, "Helllooooo?! Right here you weirdo!" LMAO!But it's just not the same. The story...THE STORY behind it all was just...beautiful.Anyhoo!...
KarenCoronel's profile thumbnail
Really love this idea, yes to magic tricks, yes to talking about how many of our beloved shows have NOT aged well, and also some finance skills oh maybe can even hold meditation
jikajika's profile thumbnail
No shit, I really want a finance clique. LOL!I would LOVE that!
KarenCoronel's profile thumbnail
Should we start it?!
jikajika's profile thumbnail
Squirrel, I do NOT have the bandwidth! That's why I call these posts, "Steal this idea!" LOL!Though if you want to start this, go forth & prosper!!!