New research from Lean In - Women in the Workplace 2020

New (and depressing) research from Lean In : 1 in 4 women are considering downshifting their careers or leaving the workforce. In a single year, all the gains made in the representation of women in management since the first year of this study could be erased.In particular, the report finds that three groups of women have faced distinct challenges: Working mothers are deeply concerned about how COVID-19 will impact their careers. They are more than three times as likely as fathers to be managing most of their family’s housework and caregiving during the pandemic—and twice as likely to worry that their performance will be judged negatively due to their caregiving responsibilities. Senior-level women are experiencing the challenges of Covid-19 against a backdrop of existing bias against women leaders, and in many cases are juggling more responsibilities at home. Senior-level women are more likely than men at the same level to feel burned out, under pressure to work more, and “always on.”Black women already faced more barriers than most other groups of employees, as we recently detailed in The State of Black Women in Corporate America. Now they’re also coping with the disproportionate impact of Covid-19 on Black communities and the emotional toll of heightened focus on racial violence. And for many, work is not a supportive place: Black women get less support from managers, are less likely to have strong allies, and are more likely to feel like they can’t bring their whole selves to work.More here:
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