Latest research from LeanIn & McKinsey - Women in the Workplace 2021

Hi all

wanted to share the latest reserach on what is happening to women in the workplace a year and half into the pandemic

This year’s report makes it very clear: women have been pushed to their limit. But despite the stress and exhaustion of the past year, women leaders are still stepping up.

Women leaders are doing more to support their teams and advance DE&I efforts. They are also more likely to be allies to women of color. Yet this critical work is going unrecognized and unrewarded by most companies, and that has dangerous implications. There's a risk that the work women leaders are doing will be relegated to a new form of "office housework"—work that contributes to the business but isn’t formally recognized in performance reviews, typically does not lead to advancement, and isn’t usually compensated. As a result, companies risk losing the very leaders they need right now.

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