UX Writers of Elpha — how did you get into UX Writing?

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Hi Genevive! I started out as a content strategist in the growth/marketing department and I actively expressed my interest in UX from the very beginning, so I got to be part of projects that needed microcopies, automated emails and even conversation design. It was hard to break into UX Writing formally because I was still under the growth department, but it happened when the company realized they needed dedicated UX Writers. Now that I'm formally a UX Writer, learning never really stops. I've noticed that making a goal of what I want to learn and also creating a digital garden has been helpful :D (this is a snippet of my digital garden: https://zeeisabel.notion.site/UX-Writing-101-Videos-a9ffd3ec79d4457d8a2892fa070ee62b) I suggest you list down your strengths as a copywriter and see where you can start learning more about UX Writing, there are tons of resources that can help you hit the ground running, like Strategic Writing for UX and Writing is Designing. Brushing up on UI Design patterns has been really helpful for me too! (I'm learning about UI design patterns on Interaction Design Foundation: https://www.interaction-design.org/invite?r=maria-isabel-a-elizaga) Here's a podcast episode I recently listened to, the guest, Yael Ben-David, mentions a strategy for marketing writers to break into UX Writing, you might want to give it a listen: https://open.spotify.com/episode/1iDVqdObHFOGKSwUvKU9iA?si=205ae4c3832d481f :D Hope this helps! - Isa
Thanks @miayeli! Really appreciate these resources you sent over. These are great :)