Compensation for on-call teams

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From my point of view, I think an hourly is the only fair thing here. If one expects people to be "on call", i.e. available, it makes sense to pay them for that time - it's not like they can go to lunch/the zoo/the gym/whatever during that time. Less per hour than for "work hours" certainly, but an hourly definitely. A fee per issue resolved could result in an 8 hour shift with no pay, which seems like a terrible deal.
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Salary makes the most sense, the value is the tricky one.Our team got offered $50/day to be on-call for 24hrs, regardless of how many issues arose. AFAIK no one on our team signed up (mostly we're in Europe so that degrades the value further with currency exchange, but even for $50 in the US I'd hesitate). Having said that, we're all full-time employees already so mostly value more time with family over a bit of extra cash, so the math might be different for those looking for a side gig.
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Gotcha, thanks for that data point!
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I think having a base pay, either hourly or salary and then adding something on top for every issue attended/ resolved would be fair.
I’m a mom and work part time answering customer calls and emails for a large company. I’m paid $36/hr, no benefits, and clock in and out. Typically I put in 20 hours a week but am flexible.
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Super helpful, thank you very much for your insights!