European Elpha Members, where are you at?

Hellooo!! I've noticed there are many Elpha women based in the northern American countries - curious if there are any Europeans here who want to connect?

And ideally, women who are deep divers, into self-dev work, travel, wellness and entrepreneurship!

I'd love to connect and chat via a virtual zoom room if you are up for it? 1:1 or group....

Kinda like lunchclub (here is my invite link)! A great place to meet new, interesting people from around the world :)

EDIT 1: The first meetup has been, if you would like to join the next ones please PM me as I won't check the thread down below...

EDIT 2: hehe I forgot to mention where I am! Amanda, nomadic since I was 6 and now settled in southern Spain close to Gibraltar, Dutch/Indo with an Aussie passport, first-time mom to 9 mth Maia, I love connecting people and creating a nurturing space where we all feel heard & seen :)

I’m in Meath, Ireland. Sounds like a great idea. Thanks
Hi @aileen in Ireland! So lovely to see such a lovely response from everyone everywhere in Europe :) I'll create a doodle for dates and send it to you as a private message :)
I'm in Dublin in Ireland, nice to see someone else here. :) I'm originally from Wisconsin in the US, been here for 3.5 years now.
I'm in Budva, Montenegro. I will love to chat. Thanks!
I was just in Budva last week - gorgeous! Hello from Vienna!
...and I was in Vienna last month!
ohh beautiful montenegro! hi carmen @cgbl :) I'll create a doodle for dates and send it to you as a private message :)
Hey Carmen! We’re neighbors. I’m living in Albania right now. Let’s definitely connect! I go north often
You are in really good company! @Isabel945 is in Paris together with @mariefauchille @Zeni and @janetjonesduffey @princesshernando and @CrisMonclus are in Spain @laurachachulski and @mara3456 are in Germany@dariakami @YvonneZhang1 @NickyS are in the UK@federicapasini and @elizabethaaregbesola are in Italy@ying110 is in Turkey temp for a work project@luzajickova is in Czechia I think that's a good start!
Thank you @iynna! You know your community :)) Have you guys ever done live group calls?
Hehe I think I do :-) We actually host live calls every month! I was actually going to suggest you join that to meet the community.Lately, we have also been experimenting with having a member co-leading the call on a topic that's been submitted and "voted" by the community (see this so if this is something of interest to you, would love to get your ideas for July and any other future months (June is set and I'll be releasing info about it shortly :)) I actually meant to ask you to better understand (for feedback and market research purposes) why Lunchclub vs other platforms incl Elpha?
Oh really! I had no idea! I would love to learn more about those calls. Let me know how to get that ball rolling. As for lunchclub vs other platforms - the ease of setting your availability, then AI matches you with someone interesting and the meeting is scheduled in your calendar. Purely cos of convenience AND actually, you know that these people have signed up wanting to connect on video. On other community platforms perhaps its more about connecting via writing and forums and it's harder to connect with the ones that are into a live call (which is great that you offer that!) Hope that clarifies :)
I'm half French (half Jordanian) but live in Dubai!
Bonjour @ceciliamzayek! How is it living in dubai? I'll create a doodle for dates and send it to you as a private message :)
Hi Amanda, great idea. I am based in the UK. Would love to connect.
hi @Catherin3 yay! whereabouts in the UK? I'll create a doodle for dates and send it to you as a private message :)
Hi Amanda,I am Ukrainian, living and working in Milano now. Would be happy to connect! I also noticed that most of the topics here discussed more in the context of Americas, same with companies data. Would be great if that expands to Europe too, because obviously some practices are completely different (salaries, social, etc)Lunchclub is a great platform too, but looks to me that comes in waves :)
@katerinc ciao! Yes, completely agree and would be interesting to see if Elpha expands the companies to Europe. I'll create a doodle for dates and send it to you as a private message :)
I'm in for a group chat as well - I'm in Vienna, Austria. Great idea :)
hey, I am in Vienna as well - servus!
@KellyK oh vienna! one of the cities I have yet to visit. I'll create a doodle and send it to you as a private message :)
What a wonderful idea! Would love to connect with you @amandamulder and fellow European Elpha Members. With Love from Lisbon, Lx
I am also in Lisbon and love this idea! Count me in.
Ohh yay! this is great @AgneMiluk! I lived in Lisboa and had the best community there. Lovely to meet here :)
Ohh hi @LouiseHeite! I used to live in Lisbon, big digital nomad hub. Loved it :) I'll create a doodle and send to you as a private message to check what dates work for most! yay!
I’m in Paris! Would love to join.
@LaniW yay! I'll create a doodle and send to you as a private message :)
Hello there @amandamulder and other Europeans! I’m based in Barcelona, mom of a 2 year old, original German / colombian with a finnish husband and would love to connect with European ladies! My
yay! We are close @julianamendez! I am in Andalusia, close to Gibraltar :) Mom of 9 month old :))
Would love to connect too! :) I'm Czech being based in Prague at the moment, but working remotely from different locations around Europe and traveling for work too.
@luzajickova ahoj! Love Prague as well :) Would you call yourself a digital nomad? Will pm for a doodle link
I'm just the opposite: I'm Belgian but living in NYC, missing Europe from time to time I must admit :)
@laetitiadursel you are still welcome to join the call :)
I am based in Huelva, Spain. I would love to chat. Thanks
@rendani hola!! Also close to me! I'm next to Gibraltar :) Will send you a pm with doodle link
I am in Croatia but spending a lot of time in Amsterdam, Italy, London and around Europe
unfortunately, these dates dont work for me - I will be on holidays and super offline (on the islands) next week :/ and tomorrow is public holiday here so also in the mountains and offline :/ but very much looking forward to the next opportunity, do let me know in case you plan something for July/August :)
hi @Mirna let's see what the consensus is and perhaps we make it a monthly thing. Enjoy the holidays!
Belgium here 👋 Would love to join!
I’m based in the Netherlands
Hi @rowena195! If interested to join on the 21st June at 11am let me know via PM and I'll send you the google meet link :)
Late to this but I’m also in the Netherlands (Amsterdam) 😊
my old hood!
Paris here! Would love to join too!
Bonjour @Isabel945! If interested to join on the 21st June at 11am let me know via PM and I'll send you the google meet link :)
Hi @amandamulder! Total newbie here. American in London, UK (by way of HK and the Netherlands!) Would love to meet (IRL or virtually) with other Euro-based ladies.
hiya! If interested to join the 21st June at 11am let me know via PM and I'll send you the google meet link :)
I would love to connect! American as well moving back to London soon, currently in Mediterranean
I'm currently in Galicia so can join the call! Based somewhere in Europe, usually in Spain (doing the nomad thing for over a year now). Originally from London.
send me a pm @kaye with your email and I'll add you to the calendar event
I'm in Manchester (UK). I'm originally Spanish and lived previously in Venezuela, Canada (Quebec), Greece, and France.I'd love to connect!
Hola Patricia :).We have the call tomorrow. PM Amanda in case you don't have the invite
Thanks so much!
I’m glad to join. I’m both from Dominican Republic but also German. Nice to meet you 😅
@tomyamateo I am from the Dominican Republic 🇩🇴 Let's connect
Love to see it! To the extent you're able to plug it during the call or even attend, don't forget our Community Member chat is happening the following week moderated by our very own @Catherin3!
I'm in Brussels. Love to connect.
Also in Brussels!
I'm American with USA/Netherlands/Argentina passports and currently living in Valencia, Spain. I'm also mom of 14 and 10 year old girls. We've been nomadic since having daughter #1. :) I'd love to connect with the international group here!
I’m Giada, I’m based in Madrid. I’d love to connect with you 😊
Thanks for a great conversation this morning! As I mentioned during the call, I’m writing a book about how women succeed in tech worldwide. I’d be immensely grateful if you could complete and share with your network of women in tech this short survey about their experiences at work Whilst the survey is anonymous, you'll have the option to get involved in the project before submitting the form.
I had to miss this time, but please add me to a mailing list if you have one! Would love to join for future calls! @amandamulder
Would love to join future calls too! Great to meet you all 🙌 I’m originally from Italy but I live in the UK
Hi Amanda! I'm based in Germany and would love to connect!
Hi! I am in Ireland please add me to any comms for future calls :-)
I'm based in London, UK but I'm originally Croatia and every year spend a month or two in Croatia :) I'm going next Sunday.I'll also be going to Belgrade in Serbia at the end of September.
I'm in Munich, Germany.
Wow - hope I'm not too late on this exciting thread.I'm from Atlanta, GA but have been based in Berlin or 5 years. Happy to connect. Good shout on Lunch Club, another great networking app!
ooooh this seems so exciting :) I am based in Zagreb, Croatia, but also travelling a looooot so spending time often in Amsterdam and London, as well as many other parts of Europe @amandamulder will also message you 1:1 :)
I know I am late to the party, but I'm from Bari, Italy.
Marta from Warsaw :)