What are the (emotional) challenges Female Founders, Entrepreneurs & Changemakers face in going for their dream vision?

Going after our dreams can be exciting - and an emotional rollercoaster!

You're not alone.

Opening up the virtual space for you to share authentically what has been one of your main challenges - and how is it impacting you (emotionally/mentally/physically/spiritually)?

'Speaking' the truth of your journey out loud creates a connection with others who may feel the same and this often releases the charged energy. Feeling seen, heard & understood is so needed in times of self-doubt, comparison, and transition into the unknown.

*If you prefer to be anonymous or write me privately, you are welcome.*

Believing in myself and that I can do it. The noise of the outside world, telling me to go back to a full-time job is making me doubt my goal of becoming a coach. It distracts me and zips my energy.
I hear you @penelope132 - when doubt creeps in it can really self-sabotage our desires. Have you found a way / practices that help you come back to your center and as you said, believe in yourself?
My main challenge - the potential mood swing with the ups and downs of the business. Especially in the beginning of my business, my doubts can creep in whenever I got NOs. It’s a learning process to see rejections as the path to growth. It’s not easy to do it alone.Luckily, I found myself a group of peers and a coach.Being an entrepreneur, it can be fairly lonely. When I surround myself with people who are on the same journey, it gives me a lot of faith and enjoy the process a bit more. A group like this is very valuable to me!A coach - I want a partner, a guide, a person who believes in myself more than I do. Especially, in my moment of weakness, I want someone to call out my blind spots and challenge me to continue to follow my heart!We got this!!
Thank you for sharing your journey @wenhsu! Resonate completely and have gone through the same by getting myself into a community program with coaches to hold me accountable. May I ask how you found your group of peers and a coach? Were you recommended, did you go looking or did it find you? :)
Hey Amanda! Great questions on finding the right communities and coach. I have a coach called Rich Litvin that I followed for a few years. I get a lot of values from his work so when I took my coaching full-time, I signed up his group coaching program called Transition Excellence. I've met so many great coaches in the community that Rich curated. As for finding a coach, since it's a group coaching program, it's actually not enough time to be actually coached by him directly but learn from the time he coaches others as well. What I have so far is fairly solid. I'm still looking for a private coach for 1-1 coaching to bring my coaching business to another level. Hope you find what works for you too! Cheers!