Finding a career path in Feminism

Hello Elpha Family,

I am writing because I feel that for the last five years I have not been pursuing things that really matter to me. I actually care the most about feminism, women's healthcare, eliminating gender-based violence, etc. I am interested in companies that help women, research, or report on women's issues such as women's media group, UN women, etc. I currently work as a product manager for a financial institution. How can I transition into such a different field? I've found that even my Linkedin circles are limited and often won't let me view profiles in those industries. Would anyone have any solid ideas on how I can break into that community, or would be able to intro me to someone who does that type of work? Even a simple freelance writer who writes on women's issues would be amazing! Looking to start building these connections so I can make small differences where I can.

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I'm happy to talk - I consult as a fractional chief of staff to a couple of companies focused on women's issues. I'll pm you. In the meantime, here are a couple of interesting job boards you might want to check out: Elpha just did a great roundup of some interesting mission-driven companies:
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Hi @baileyfrancom, pivoting into a similar role but different industry is actually a lot easier than the reverse. I'd say it would require a general understanding of job search best practices, plus ensuring your materials/networking/etc is aligned towards your new industry. If you can add something small to your plate like a course or even side project in the field, that helps too, but essentially the core focus of hiring is your capabilities/fit for role, and then during the interview you'll explain your familiarity and exposure and knowledge in their field, and then of course assess fit for the culture of the company too. I'm Rachel, a Career Coach ( - If you're seeking help in your job search let me know! (i.e. strengthening personal branding materials, effectively networking, understanding the suggested balance of time to spend across the key 7 activities in your job search, setting weekly goals, measuring your progress & self-reflections, interview practice, the impact of clarifying your ideal pathway, and more). I'd be happy to chat on a free coaching call here --