Job Seeker Resource Roundup! (Free Resources, Salary Calculators, Job Search Toolkits, Certifications, etc)

#FREERESOURCE Roundup for Job Seekers!

I'm collecting and sharing free resources for tech job seekers. I started with a comprehensive Salary Toolkit Roundup of all the legit salary calculators and guides I could find to help you know what you should be paid for any role. Some even show you what certifications will help you reach your salary goals.

Next, I'm adding more resume and interview resources, and after that, I'll list the free certifications and courses that actually help people get hired.

👉🏽 If you want to get notified about resources as we add them, and get connected to open roles in tech, you can sign up here:

👉🏽 The Salary Toolkit and other coming resources are here:

👉🏽 Free tech job seeker workshops are here:

Please share any other free resources or certifications in the thread below so everyone can benefit!


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This is so great! Thanks so much for putting this together!
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Love this!! 81cents also has a free resource library if that's helpful!