How did you read omens to follow life's path?

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I hear you and I can help! I work and have worked with many amazing individuals finding themselves in exactly this stage where they are not sure what they want to do with life. I'd love to set up a time to talk! You might just leave the call with your omen, inspired and empowered for your journey upwards. I look forward to speaking with you! LxP.S.: Better days are on their way! 💖
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I hear you, I am also looking for answers.
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I *love* astrology, crystal energy and tarot and I am a big fan of looking for cosmic-level synchronicity in my choices and timing but really when it comes to *your* life path, the ultimate guiding force has to come from within *you* for sustainability and contentment.Maybe instead of self-talk you could try more self-listening. What do you actually want? This is a much easier and much harder question than it seems like, and it takes practice to be able to hear and accept the answer. If you're looking for a little external guidance from the universe/spirits/force in this self-listening practice, you could use tarot cards to guide your reflection. I pull 3 cards almost every day for 3 questions:- What wisdom do I need today?- What energy can I cultivate to support myself?- What challenge am I ready to face?Ask these questions, pull a card at random, and reflect on what you see in the card for yourself, both looking at the art on the card and then reading more deeply about the card meaning. You can even get started for free by using the "pick a card" on this site (one of my fave decks) Hope you find this helpful!
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Hi!How familiar are you with numerology? I do numerology/coaching readings for people to help them understand their life path! We dive deep into what lessons you are meant to learn and overcome in this life :) and your natural gifts/talents! If you are interested in more info or booking a reading - you can email me [email protected] or fill out this form here - there are also some testimonials you can read through!Also "coincidence" is synchronicity, synchronicity is the universe saying yes! Ask for the signs and you will be shown :)
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I think a lot of us feel this way! For me, I get stuck in loops when I just meditate on questions. What really helped me work out a lot of important questions in my life was to get OUT and go do things that will show you who you are and figure out what you want. For example, I was feeling stuck and bored in my corporate 9-5. I already had the 'travel bug' since I was a teenager and was constantly dreaming about my next international adventure. When my manager started making hurtful personal comments about me, I took that as my cue to quit and travel abroad. I knew doing it in my 20s would be easier than trying to later. After 4 years of traveling & working abroad in different jobs, I felt the urge to settle down again; basically experiencing different things can help you clarify what you want (rather than just sitting down and trying to think it out).I think we all have that little voice in the back of our mind that says "if you don't do this now you'll regret it later" and I try to follow that voice to have a life that I'm proud of. It's not the easy or safe thing to do, and you will be challenged more and have to make difficult choices. But you won't be stuck wondering "what do I want?" Right now I'm trying to settle in Mexico with a remote job. It's very challenging but it's what I want and what I think is best for me based on my experiences. So I think you should try out different things you think you might want to do, and basically keep narrowing it down. If you don't like what you picked, try something else. Good luck!
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A thing I have had to tell myself repeatedly is that there are no right answers (usually). I find I spend a lot of time wanting to understand a decision I should make or direction I should go, but usually when that’s happening it means I’m trying to pick between a few good options with different implications, not pick a “right” option from the wrong options. I recommend talking to someone you trust who is willing to hear you out, and ask what they see in you that you maybe don’t see in yourself. Turning outward helps create clarity on what’s inward, not least because sometimes we are blind to our own faults. Good luck, and remember that life is infinitely more nuanced and surprising than it can seem when you’re weighing its options. There are often exits on the freeway that let you change direction. 💕