Do you know of any good financial advisor?

I am looking for financial advise ie how to manage my finances. I think I am doing poorly on it. Most of my savings are on stocks and it's risky. Trying to diversify and also get better with safe savings.

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I'm helping my clients build business & wealth in the capacity of a virtual CFO. I may be able to give you some tips if you're open to connecting on Linkedin or DM me here.
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I can’t help you YET because we’re still working on our product, but would you be open to doing an interview with me to chat about your challenges with this stuff? This is something I also struggle with and we’re hoping to help a lot of people deal with the issue in the future 😊
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I know @yxzhang and @StellaGold work with people and minorities specifically to help them with a financial plan. They offer different approaches but I can vouch for them both.I'm also working on building a community for women and marginalized genders to come together in a non-judgmental space to learn more about investing and have peer-to-peer learning and accountability. You can check us out at or feel free to DM me.
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We'd be happy to help you with a place to start. We can determine what your retirement needs are based on your cost of living. And we can determine what return of investment you need to attain your goals. If you're young, there isn't anything wrong with having a portfolio that is heavily weighted to stocks. It's more important to be diversified in your stocks, and the math actually indicates that 8 stocks can be enough to be diversified (so long as they are in different sectors). We really like robo-advisors - specifically Ellevest - as a place to get professional portfolios that are managed on your behalf.