Guidance needed

Hello everyone,

Here are a few pointers about me, I'd love all the advice you have to give. Big, small and everything in between. :)

Background - We had a miscarriage pretty late in the process last year. This was our first attempt at a pregnancy. This experience has changed my world view and has helped defined my purpose.

Ask - I am looking for help/guidance in making inroads into femtech, and working for someone else. I have successfully worked for myself for 2.5 years now and have had a successful boot-strapped operation in my textile business.

I’m looking specifically at companies that help women navigate the process of childbirth, from planning, conception to post-Partum. Fertility is a big factor for me in my personal journey, same for PCOS. These "niches (not really)" would bring a lot of meaning to my career and I'm very drawn to them. My career has revolved around the intersection of strategy/operations/retail and so I'm easily drawn to to strategy/operations roles. Location is SF area, moving there from Austin in couple months.

Companies to look at, people to speak with, know anyone who works in tech in strategy/ops, skill sets to consider developing, SF considerations, any other tips? I'd be very grateful.

Thank you in advance,


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@teresaman much appreciate it!
Hey there Meeta - thanks for being open about your experience with miscarriage. I'm inspired that you've taken that experience and used it to help define your purpose. Some companies that come to mind are: - Ro (specifically their Modern Fertility section): The Pill Club: Adyn: also lived in SF for a number of years and love the city. Wishing you a happy transition!
@maryjantsch thank you so much!
Hi @meetamcd, thanks for sharing your story on here. I don't have a connection to femtech, but can offer a process to help you get started. Here's what I would do:1. Create a list of top 20 companies in femtech, you can find plenty through google and linkedin and on here, Instagram can be a place to look at as well2. Research the Strategy/Ops people in each of the company, that can be Chief of Staff, COO, etc.3. Create a short intro pitch, which includes your interest in the mission of the company and your ask for an exploratory conversation about working in the femtech industry4. Message the people you find on Linkedin, Elpha and other platforms to setup a informational interview callThis can start to give you an idea of what the roles are about and what the culture of companies are like. I think you can also make quite a few connection on Elpha as well ;)
@annamiller thank you, Iā€™m on that path and appreciate your suggestions very much!
Hi Meeta - thanks for sharing and being so open about your experience, and I'm very sorry about your loss. There's a startup in SF called Kegg that has raised a seed round that operates in this space that you might want to check out as well as the others that have already been mentioned:
@brianarani thank you! I added them to my list, their product reviews seem outstanding.
Meeta, I took a trip down memory lane and came across this. First I hope that you've been able to find joy and luck in your fertility journey. Above all, I hope you are happy and in good health!Second, were you able to pivot into a role in one of these space?