Looking for a leadership/career coach with a design background

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I've spoken super briefly with Sam before (https://www.samyuan.me/) - designer at Shopify. Unrelated to coaching, we ended up talking a lot about user research and I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with her and she was extremely helpful and thoughtful in her responses. Happy to make an intro if you'd like!PS. also tagged our Design communities for ya!
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Hi @melaniewider, First, congrats on your new role. Exciting times.If you'll allow me a brief moment to introduce myself. My name is Emily Bond. I am a high-performance leadership and team coach. A significant portion part of my practice is dedicated to helping leaders successfully onboard to new roles. My background is in leading divisions of design and technology agencies/consultancies. My client base ranges from founders, to designers, marketers and engineers. You can check me out on LinkedIn and see some of my recos. https://www.linkedin.com/in/embond/If you are interested in setting up a no-obligation chemistry call, send me a DM.P.S You can also check out YOUR FIRST 100 KICK-START GUIDE, a self-guided tool to help you lay the groundwork for a great start. (https://www.emilybondinc.com/yourfirst100). Elpha members get $10 off with the code ELPHA.Cheers!
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Hi Melanie,I am an ICF certified Executive Coach. I specialize in working with technology professionals, with a particular passion for working with women in Tech. As a former Head of Human Resources, I help tech professionals develop the mindset and behaviors they need to achieve the positive results they want. I have helped tech professionals transition into new roles --either to a new company or to another position in the same company. I help them explore their strengths and limiting beliefs, and create transition plans to move forward. I focus on each individual's gifts and talents in a highly personalized way, and work with them to find their unique path to growth and success. Message me if you would like to learn more.
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Hello Melanie! Congrats on your new role! I can absolutely help you! Let's hop on a call together so I can learn more about you and what you feel you need the most to ensure a successful transition and epic first 3 months. We'll create a solid plan forward from here. If interested, DM me and I'll share with you my scheduling link. Lx