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Are you ready to make a career change and take your dreams to the next level? Forage is here to help. The innovative global platform is designed to equip job seekers with the skills and confidence needed to make the leap into a new career.

Forage is a career discovery platform that connects job seekers with hundreds of organizations worldwide. It gives aspiring professionals the opportunity to discover job openings that may have otherwise been outside their reach. With up-to-date postings available from employers around the world, Forage ensures that no one is left behind in their career search.

The platform features an online learning and coaching ecosystem which provides personalized assistance. This tailored support helps job seekers determine which path is the best fit for them and provides them with the necessary resources to take the next step. It also offers exclusive insights into the industry and advice from experienced professionals.

Foragers don’t have to go it alone. With built-in networking opportunities, Forage helps Foragers build meaningful connections with other professionals in their field. Whether it’s exchanging contact information or connecting on social media, users can foster valuable relationships with industry leaders.

Forage’s success stories speak for themselves. Many Foragers have already been placed in their dream jobs after utilizing the platform. By taking advantage of the tools and support Forage provides, job seekers can match their skills to the right job.

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thank you, this can be very relevant given the number of elphas currently looking for new roles and thinking of switching careers as well! how would you say it differs from other platforms like or builtinNYC ( (available on other cities too) ?